Currency and Inflation

Currency Conversion - Convert most currencies with exchange rates on any business day for up to 10 previous years.

Inflation Calculator - Calculate the inflation rate based on the Consumer Price Index since 1914.

Amortizing Loan Calculator - Calculate loan payments or loan amounts.

Auto Loan Calculator - Calculate auto loan payments.
Break Even Analysis - Figure out what price and how many units you need to sell your product to break-even.
Credit Assessment - Assess how good your credit is.
Credit Line Amount - Calculate the approximate amount of credit line you can receive.
Education Savings Plan  - Calculate your education savings plan.

Financial Ratios - Analyze a number of ratios to fine tune your business.

Lease vs Buy - Assess whether you should lease or buy an asset such as a vehicle.

Life Insurance Requirements - Calculate approximately how much life insurance you need.

Mortgage Calculator - Calculate and compare your mortgage rates and payments.

Net Worth - Estimate your personal net worth and how it can grow.

Rate and Return Illustrator - Illustrates the result of compound interest.

Working Capital - Determine your working capital requirements.


Retirement Calculator - Calculate your monthly retirement income.
Retirement Planner - Plan your retirement and savings plan.
TFSA vs RRSP - Compare the TFSA to an RRSP.


Parcel Rate Calculator - Calculate the price of sending a parcel with Canada Post.

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